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Leyon Fire Fighting Application Scenarios

The Grooved Welding Outlet is vital in piping systems, providing secure connections. Made from highly weldable grade black carbon steel, it meets ASTM specifications A-135, A-795, and A-53, ensuring flexibility and reliability.

Working Pressure Standards

It supports up to 500 CWP in PSI for Schedule 40 Cut Groove and 300 CWP in PSI for Schedule 40 Roll Groove. These ratings use listed and approved couplings and fittings. Hydrostatic tests at a 2:1 ratio for maximum working pressure and a 5:1 ratio for body strength ensure durability.

Quality Assurance and Inspection

Dimensional integrity is maintained through precise machining and stringent quality control. Grooves, threads, and bevels are checked for alignment, concentricity, depth, taper, and degree, adhering to industry standards, ensuring high performance and reliability.

Innovative Design Features

The weld outlets are designed for unobstructed flow by matching the inside diameter of the weld volume contour to the outside diameter of the pipe or header. This smooth passageway prevents clogging. Type 40 and 10 weld outlets are available in various sizes and fit exactly on the header, ideal for automatic welding machines.

Durable Finish
grooved welding outlets
Grooved Welding Outlets

Fittings are cleaned to bare metal inside and out, then protected with a smokeless rust inhibitor. This provides a lasting finish, extending shelf life.

Convenient Packaging

Schedule 40 and 10 fittings are packaged in corrugated cartons, palletized, and sealed with shrink wrap plastic. Thread protectors with #40MT fittings ensure quality from the factory to the job site, facilitating efficient logistics and protection during transport and storage.

In summary, the Grooved Welding Outlet is a high-quality, reliable component optimized for various piping applications, meeting stringent standards in material, design, and quality assurance.

Over the past 27 years, Leyon Piping System (abbreviation: LPS) has been committed to the piping system industry…

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