Ductile iron pipe fittings and couplings

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Brief introduction of our company

Leyon Piping System Co., Ltd. Leyon is specialized in pipe fitting and other associated products production for more than 27 years, which including malleable iron pipe fittings, grooved ductile iron pipe fittings, stainless steel pipe fittings, valves etc. All our malleable iron pipe fittings & grooved fittings have passed UL/FM approval!

Leyon has two factories in China, and we built a new automatic line last year, now our annual output is 80,000 tons. Our products can be applied to water supply, irrigation, oil & gas conveying, fire protection, even for home decoration. Now we have established long-term relationship with customers in more than 90 countries.

Brief introduction of ductile iron pipe fittings

Ductile iron grooved pipe fittings and couplings (FM and UL approved) mainly including two kinds of grooved products:

(1) the pipe fittings function on connecting and sealing such as rigid coupling, flexible coupling, mechanical tee and grooved flange

(2) the pipe fittings function on connecting and transition such as bend, tee, cross, reducer.

Ductile Iron Pipe has a wider variety of joints available than any other piping material. This gives Ductile Iron Pipe greater versatility and flexibility in pipeline design and installation to accommodate the particular conditions on the drawing board and at the job site. These joints are time-proven to be strong, dependable, and bottletight. This is just one of the many reasons why utilities and consulting engineers know that Ductile Iron Pipe is the right decision.

The benefits of ductile iron pipe fittings

– It requires very little maintenance once it’s installed and is designed to last at least 100 years.

– According to a recent report by the American Water Works Association, the projected service life for modern Ductile Iron Pipe is at least 105 years. There is more iron pipe in service in the U.S. than any other pipematerial, and Ductile Iron Pipe has the longest service life of any material on the market today.

– Having as much as 90% recycled content, Ductile Iron Pipe is itself a 100% recyclable material.

– Lower costs from increased flow capacity lead to significant energy savings during the pipe’s lifetime in service. Ductile Iron saves money.

– It is strong enough to withstand the most severe conditions, from high-pressure applications, to heavy earth and traffic loads, to unstable soil conditions.

– It is resistant to corrosion in most soils, and typically requires only effective, economical polyethylene encasement, a loose sheathing standardized by the American Water Works Association, in aggressiveenvironments.

– With its strength, durability, and conservative design, Ductile Iron is the pipe of choice to protect against surges and increased pressure loadings over the years.

– Installation is easy and safe for workers who can cut and tap Ductile Iron Pipe on site.

– Ductile Iron Pipe is rugged and resists damage during handling and installation.

– The metallic nature of Ductile Iron Pipe means the pipe can be easily located underground with conventional pipe locators.

Over the past 27 years, Leyon Piping System (abbreviation: LPS) has been committed to the piping system industry…

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