Leyon Rubber Lining Layflat Fire Hose

Leyon fire hoses are manufactured in the following configurations:

●Single jacket
●Double jacket
●Rubber single jacket
●Hard rubber non collapsing tires
●Each type of fire hose is designed for a specific purpose



Fire hose is used to transport high-pressure water orfoam and other flame retardant liquids. The traditional firehose is lined with rubber and wrapped in linen wovenfabric. Advanced fire hoses are made of polymer materialssuch as polyurethane.

There are metal joints at both endsof the fire hose, which can be connected to another hoseto extend the distance or to a nozzle to increase the liquidinjection pressure.

Specification and model:

Type 8 Ф 65 rubber lined water hose; Type 13 Φ 65 Ф 80rubber lined water hose; Type 16 Ф 65 rubber lined waterhose.


Rubber Lining Layflat Fire Hose Features:

● Light weight, ozone resistance

● Abrasion resistance

● Low-temperature resistance

● Oil resistance, Long service life

● Working pressure:8bar, 10bar, 13bar, 16bar, 20bar, 25bar

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